I used Facebook Watch and I was confused

On a scale of 1-10 I would rate Facebook Watch at 6, because I felt that while the content on the platform seems to be good, the interface didn’t seem very user friendly. One of the main issues I faced was navigating between user generated content from the pages that I follow and original content produced by Facebook. Also, while the platform is off to a good start, I wouldn’t choose it over the OTT platforms I already subscribe to.

Some of the things that Facebook could do to improve Facebook Watch are as follows:

It would make for a better viewing experience if Facebook found a way to distinguish User generated content from Facebook originals. One of the way it could do that is by including an original logo on thumbnails which are focused on original content. Additionally, it would be easier to find content if it was allotted into different sections or tabs on the Watch page.

While Facebook intends for this platform to be a social viewing experience, the comments and discussion boards which prompt constant discussion are a good way for creators to connect with the fandom and their audience but eventually it becomes a little distracting, because it deviates from the viewing experience and proves to be a barrier to seamless viewing.

While the Facebook Watch idea seems good in theory, some of the features seem really impressive, it seems as if Facebook’s content offerings don’t have a specific direction and the company needs to decide where it aims to position itself in the video industry. Its current offerings seem very vague. For example, one of the shows on the platform, Queen America, seems like a high end original production, but also present on my Facebook Watch feed at the same time were videos which I would have seen on my regular Facebook feed which are produced by pages I follow.

That raises the question – Is Facebook Watch a video streaming platform for original and licensed content, a social interaction platform that also offers video, or simply a platform that aggregates different videos present on the entire Facebook platform? It is unclear which category Facebook belongs to – with Hulu and Netflix or with UGC content creation platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

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