4 things to check out if you have a love-hate relationship with Facebook

Updated: May 20

Facebook and I have a love-hate relationship. Who doesn't, with Facebook these days? Admittedly, part of this relationship also entails me being mildly irritated with tiny food videos. Regardless, it is impossible to talk about the social media giant today without referring to Cambridge Analytica, privacy breaches, fake news and micro-targeted ads. It is interesting how Mark Zuckerberg created something incredibly powerful, that defined the world of social media, changed how people interacted with content and with each other on the internet.

For an in-depth expose into the world of Facebook - what went right - and what went incredibly wrong, have a look at the list I have compiled below: you will have a lot to think about!

The Facebook Dilemma: Produced by American public broadcast network PBS, The Facebook Dilemma documents the early days to Facebook - with some rare footage of the company while it was just one room and a small group of

employees, and goes on to throw a light on the paths it takes as it evolves from an early startup to a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company. This documentary is a great look into Facebook's mission to create an "open and connected world" and the decisions the company took to make it happen.

You can watch The Facebook Dilemma on YouTube.

The Great Hack: This BAFTA nominated documentary looks more closely at the Cambridge Analytica scandal from Facebook's perspective, and it's response to the crisis. Subsequently, the audience is able to explore this scandal from three completely

different perspectives - Professor David Caroll from Parsons and The New School, who sets off to reclaim his data, Carole Cadwalladr, an investigative journalist who was one of the key people involved in bringing the Cambridge Analytica scandal to light and Brittany Kaiser, a former SCL/Cambridge Analytica employee.

You can watch The Great Hack on Netflix.

The Social Network: If it's big enough, there has to be a Hollywood movie on it. The Social Network is La La Land's own interpretation of the rise of Mark Zuckerberg - from Harvard student to Facebook Founder. It's a more personal account of Facebook's ear

ly days. Take it with a pinch of salt though - many media publications have reported on the fictionality of this movie. Most agree that it is a great watch - Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and the rest of the cast's performances are a testament to that - but it might not be entirely true.

The Social Network is available to watch on Netflix.

Mindf*ck (book) by Chrisopher Wylie: If you are a reader, if you like conspiracy theories and if you love learning about things in detail, then this book is perfect for you. Written by former Cambridge Analytica employee Christopher Wylie, who also blew the

whistle on what was going on behind the scenes at this British firm that had a hand in both Brexit and Donald Trump's election campaign. The focus here

isn't on Facebook entirely - but how it was weaponized to use millions of users' data for psychological warfare. My thoughts after reading it: absolutely riveting.

BONUS: Watch our favourite founder Mark testify before Congress in this five hour long YouTube Live posted by Guardian. While nobody expects you to watch it all, but some snippets might just be worth it.

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