About Shimoli

Shimoli Pandya is a content strategist, marketer and a storyteller working in the media and entertainment industry. A graduate candidate at Boston University’s MS Media Ventures program, Shimoli has worked with small media businesses on their marketing campaigns and strategy, both in India and abroad. Currently, she is based in Los Angeles and she attends classes in the evening at Boston University’s Los Angeles campus, while interning at PTTOW! during the day. PTTOW! is an invite only community for CEOs and CMOs over all 70 major industries in the USA. Member companies include major entertainment companies like Netflix, Facebook, Hulu & TikTok. In November 2019, Shimoli founded an online publication called MediaConvo, where she writes about media and entertainment news and identifies key trends. She also works as a digital strategy consultant on the side and spends her time keenly studying the intersection of content consumption, ad strategy and data driven storytelling. When she is not working, she spends her time trying to find her way back to her one true love: music.

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